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Volunteer/Committee Opportunities

HFHFC is extremely grateful for the hundreds of volunteers that lend their time and energy to our home-building efforts each year, whether on a construction site, in our office, serving on one of our committees, or helping in any number of ways.Descriptions of volunteer opportunities are listed below.We encourage you to take a moment to read through them to determine how your needs would best fit with the opportunities we offer.
First Step: Orientation
HFHFC requires that all volunteers new to the organization attend a Volunteer Orientation.Orientations take place weekday evenings in our office from 6pm-7pm as needed.Those interested in attending an orientation may contact us via email, phone or by visiting our website.


Construction Volunteers

The most popular and visible of Habitat for Humanity’s volunteer opportunities, construction volunteers are continually in demand due to Habitat’s ongoing building efforts.No construction experience or skills are required, though volunteers must be at least 16 years old.Construction volunteers help us build two days a week, year-round.Volunteers undertake dozens of home construction tasks such as dry-walling, painting, tiling, siding, insulating, and framing.Volunteers are scheduled on both an individual and group basis.


Office Volunteers

Office volunteers perform a wide range of administrative tasks in support of Habitat’s business responsibilities.Duties may include filing, preparing mailings, and data entry.Office hours vary as to the availability of our volunteers.Please email us or consult our website to check our current office needs.


Construction Management Committee

This committee’s focus and responsibility will be to guide the development of HFHFC construction component as we evolve and take on the challenge of building homes.This committee will be crucial to helping create management systems that fulfill our unique needs as a non-profit developer/contractor, which utilizes volunteer labor.Areas needed to be addressed include, among others, safety in the workplace, purchase ordering, account tracking, budgeting, scheduling, quality control, and contracting.The committee seeks volunteers with professional experience in construction management, purchasing, building inspections, engineering, or other disciplines related to the building industry.The committee meets once a month in the evening at the HFHFC office during project planning and implementation.


Finance Committee

This committee is composed of active and dedicated individuals who have experience in financial responsibility.These volunteers support the Board Treasurer and Finance Chairperson in monitoring the fiscal operation of HFHFC and planning for its future.This committee meets monthly at the HFHFC office.


Family Partnership Committee

The Family Partnership Committee is responsible for the education and support of future HFHFC homeowners, working with issues such as budgeting, home repair and maintenance, community resources, and any of the other financial, legal, or personal responsibilities of becoming a homeowner.Individuals with experience in social work, counseling, real estate, law, neighborhood/community development and home ownership or living-skills training are especially needed for this committee.Members organize special events for Habitat families and plan and run the classes Habitat families attend in order to fulfill their partnership requirement.Family partnership especially needs people from the local community who can help orient habitat homeowners during their first year of ownership.This committee meets monthly at the HFHFC office.


Family Selection Committee

This committee is responsible for choosing future HFHFC homeowners from and ever-expanding pool of applicants.This committee works with local residents, neighborhood associations and partner families.This committee plans and conducts a series of community meetings and prepares the Habitat home ownership opportunity bulletin and brochure for each new home.Family Selection Committee activity is cyclical, though the committee generally meets once a month at the HFHFC office.


Church Relations Committee

This committee’s responsibilities are to identify area faith-based communities and design a partnership program and build a faith-based coalition to support the initiative of eliminating substandard housing.HFHFC is in need of

volunteers involved in faith-based congregations to help us initiate this committee.


Resource Development Committee

This committee is composed of volunteers with related professional experience in the area of fund raising, public relations and marketing.The committee supports the administration in developing fund raising plans as well as implementing the strategies and tasks.Members work to organize and support activities and special events.This committee meets monthly at the HFHFC office.


Volunteer Coordinator

Being a member of this committee you will help to recruit volunteers in areas where the need for volunteers exists.Volunteers on this committee would help with setting up at special events or other tasks as called upon.Other responsibilities include scheduling, recruiting, and implementing volunteers for a successful program.


Marketing, Website and Newsletter Committee

This committee consists of individuals who can assist in the development of Habitat’s quarterly newsletter, contribute content to the website and help with the general marketing of HFH of Fulton County and its projects.Volunteers with experience in marketing, design, editing, and/or strong writing skills are encouraged to join. The marketing committee meets as needed.


Volunteer Forms


Individual Volunteer form to Download- if you do not complete the online form, complete this and bring it with you the first time you volunteer.
Volunteer Release Form-completing this form discharges Habitat from any liability or claim that a Volunteer may have against Habitat with respect to any bodily injury, personal injury, illness, death, or property damage that may result while volunteering.
Group Registration Form- this form is to be completed by groups such as companies, churches that wish to volunteer as a group.
Group Release and Waiver of Liability Form - completing this form discharges Habitat from any liability or claim that a group of Volunteers may have against Habitat with respect to any bodily injury, personal injury, illness, death, or property damage that may result while volunteering.