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Online Volunteer Form
Thank you for your interest in Habitat for Humanity of Fulton County. The information you provide will help us place you in a volunteer position which best suits your interests & skills, as well as the needs of our organization.
All areas starred in red are required. To keep costs down we do most of our communicating via email. The email field is not required, but if you do have an email address we would like to have it to keep you up to date on our progress. We will also use it to let you know when we are at a place in our project when your skills would be most beneficial.You
While completing the list boxes in the form below, hold down the control key for multiple selections.
If you do not see the submit button at the bottom of the form make sure your screen view is at 100%. Depending on the size of your screen there may be a very thin scroll bar on the right side of the form -looks almost like a gray line. If you click on that you can scroll down to the submit button. You should also be able to go from question to question via the TAB key. Click on the spot where your last name goes, complete, tab to the next question and continue doing the same until the form is complete. You should end up with the submit button.
Thank you for volunteering with Habitat. Someone will be contacting you soon.