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How to Become a Homeowner through Habitat for Humanity
The first step in finding out if you are eligible to become a homeowner through Habitat for Humanity of Fulton County is to complete the "Are You In Need of a Home" questionnaire. (The link to the form is below.) If you answer yes to all of the questions, we want to hear from you. Please send us an email or give us a call at 518.773.4912.
Please note - these income guidelines were updated in the summer of 2013. If you did not qualify before because you income was too high, you may qualify now.

How does Habitat Work?

Habitat for Humanity renovates and builds houses in partnership with qualifying families, using as much donated material and labor as possible. HFH then sells the houses at a low interest and no profit which makes them affordable for many low-income families. The monthly payments that are collected go toward the building and renovating of other Habitat homes.

Who qualifies for a Habitat home?

In general, families who are unable to meet the income and credit history requirements of banks often qualify for a Habitat house. We also have specific upper income guidelines. Other things Habitat takes into consideration include: Problems with current housing (e.g. over crowding, rent too high, bad structural problems, infestations, etc.); and your willingness to work (500 hours of sweat equity on your own home or another Habitat home, on committees, community services, etc.). Families are encouraged to have friends and relatives assist them with a certain number of hours. Your employment history, credit history and ability to make the monthly mortgage payment will also be considered.

How much does a Habitat house cost?

Payments vary depending on the house. For example, a house built for $65,000 (which is average)would have a monthly payment of approximately $500 - $550 which includes principal and escrow for taxes and insurances. The houses are sold with mortgages usually for a 20 -25 year pay period. Payments will not exceed 30% of the family's income. Families and sites are matched by Habitat's Family Selection Committee. A down payment of $500 is required at the closing.

If I qualify, how long does the process take?

It can take anywhere from 18 months to 2 years for a family to actually move into their house.

What is my responsibility to Habitat?

Selected families are required to attend a minimum number of hours in new homeowner classes, as well as budget review classes. (Hours will be specified in a letter of intent and will be applied to the required 500 hours of sweat equity. All classes are free of cost.) After moving in, families are expected to make monthly mortgage payments on time and keep the house and yard well maintained. Homeowners are totally responsible for their property and monthly utility bills.

What else should I know?

HFH raises much of its funds through publicity throughout the community. Thus, homeowners will occasionally be asked to participate in events that will help publicize the work of Habitat for Humanity. Such events might include fundraisers, newspaper or TV coverage and photographs. This is necessary to maintain the community involvement, but every effort is made to make the experience comfortable for the family. Each home is publicly dedicated and the family is presented a Bible along with their house key. For each Habitat home built or renovated, HFH of Fulton County will supply funds to build a corresponding home in another country. Owning a home is a tremendous responsibility. HFH will provide training and teach you the skills that will become necessary for your to succeed.

What does a basic HFH house include?

Note: Any upgrade in appliances, fixtures, carpet or vinyl can only be done by the homeowner and only after closing of the house. Habitat is not a custom builder and must use the same grade and quality materials in all houses to maintain fairness to everyone. Some donated materials may differ than those in other homes. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the same quality of materials for each home.


The basic house includes:

The basic house DOES NOT include:

-A minimum of 1050 square feet

-One covered stoop at front entrance

-Lawn graded, seeded and strawed

-Laundry hook-up

-Steel entry door with lock

-Residential carpet/vinyl flooring

-Water heater and furnace

-Insulated windows & screens

-Refrigerator and range

-One full bathroom

-One linen closet

-One coat closet

-Phone jacks

-Low Maintenance exterior siding

-A garbage disposal or dishwasher

-Special doors or trim work

-Special cabinets

-Curtains or blinds

-Garage or carport


-Air conditioning

-Washer and dryer

-Custom light fixtures and finishes

-Custom wood working and trim

-Custom windows

-Storage shed

Homeowners are allocated $1,000 towards specific needs that are not included in the above lists.